Big White Engagement – Jason & Tanita

I’m beyond excited to be sharing Jason & Tanita’s Big White engagement session just in time for the holidays, since this one’s bound to warm your heart.
We had the most perfect day, almost surreal as the blue skies were out filled with sun yet at moments it would lightly snow on us. We started the afternoon adventuring through the snowy trails of the mountain. Seriously up to our knees in snow, but these two trekked through it all hand in hand. We chased the sunlight as it burst through the snow filled trees. I was one stoked photographer during it all. They have a love that is so easily captured. I felt the whole time that these two are the definition of home is where your heart is. These two could be anywhere in the world, but as long as they are together, they’re at home. I seriously could have shot Jason & Tanita in the trees all day but our cold limbs said other wise! We went to the village at Big White to warm up and grab drinks. No better place than backed by mountains with lattes in hand before we went out to explore a bit more!
Lucky for me I get to photograph this awesome connection again for their wedding day and I’m so damn excited!
Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

big-white-engagement-kelowna-photographer_0003big-white-engagement-kelowna-photographer_0001 Stunning winter engagement at Big White Resort Kelowna Engagement photography in the snow big-white-engagement-kelowna-photographer_0005 big-white-engagement-kelowna-photographer_0006 big-white-engagement-kelowna-photographer_0007 big-white-engagement-kelowna-photographer_0008 big-white-engagement-kelowna-photographer_0009 big-white-engagement-kelowna-photographer_0010 Kelowna Winter Engagement Session big-white-engagement-kelowna-photographer_0012 big-white-engagement-kelowna-photographer_0013 Stunning winter engagement at Big White Resort big-white-engagement-kelowna-photographer_0015 Kelowna Engagement photographer Snowy Engagement session in the mountains big-white-engagement-kelowna-photographer_0018 big-white-engagement-kelowna-photographer_0019 big-white-engagement-kelowna-photographer_0020 big-white-engagement-kelowna-photographer_0021big-white-engagement-kelowna-photographer_0032 big-white-engagement-kelowna-photographer_0022 big-white-engagement-kelowna-photographer_0023 big-white-engagement-kelowna-photographer_0024 big-white-engagement-kelowna-photographer_0025 big-white-engagement-kelowna-photographer_0026 big-white-engagement-kelowna-photographer_0027 big-white-engagement-kelowna-photographer_0028 big-white-engagement-kelowna-photographer_0029 big-white-engagement-kelowna-photographer_0030big-white-engagement-kelowna-photographer_0033 big-white-engagement-kelowna-photographer_0031 Stunning winter engagement at Big White Resort big-white-engagement-kelowna-photographer_0035 big-white-engagement-kelowna-photographer_0036