Laura & Derreck | Colourful Connection

March 24, 2015

When I finish a photo set and come here to start writing about it, I get the most excited feeling to hit “post” and share my passion with the world. Especially when a set is as awesome as this one! I have to say, living in the Okanagan as a Kelowna wedding photographer has given me the opportunity to see stunning locations & meet some amazing people, including these two! I couldn’t be happier to share this set with everyone.

We grabbed the coloured powder I had baked earlier in the week, a handful of balloons, and headed up towards Big White Ski Resort. As we trekked through the woods, we came across a lovely nook that was enclosed in the sunlit woods and knew that second that it was the perfect area. From there on, there isn’t a better way to tell you about what happened rather than sending you below to view it for yourself. From literally almost floating away with balloons in hand to both Derrick & Laura getting absolutely covered in coloured powder. Yet what was the most stunning to photograph through-out it all was the lovely connection that these two share. I can’t thank you both enough for being as awesome as you were!

Love gives life colour