The Red Palette | Creative Portraits

Stoked, excited, and more stoked is how I felt when Markella had come to me to shoot her whole look for ‘The Red Palette’s’ new website. I knew I had three things to do for this: display what she does, show her personality, and be creative! After thinking about it, the only answer was to bring all of her art as well as her supplies and from there our two creative personalities took the wheel. We ended up finishing off the evening with portraits that were better than what we had imagined and even managed to avoid getting any paint on the camera lens!
The Red Palette lives and breathes art; they strive to create brilliant pieces and transform them into wallpapers and textiles to adorn spaces for a truly unique and personalized statement. It’s as simple as that, but it’s their simplicity that makes it so stunning!
Once the web designers are finished with the making of the site, I’ll link it for everyone to view!