Blushing Pink Bridal Shower

July 24, 2014

Well, after this.. Capturing more bridal shower’s is by far on the to do list, Especially if they are as stunningly cute as this one!
Nicole created this Blushing Pink Bridal Shower as a surprise for Hayley, and a surprise it absolutely was as she arrived with nothing but smiles.
She created the look by combining rustic and girly components. With heart shaped BLT sandwiches and drinking fine and vodka soaked fruit in perfectly sized mason jars with paper straws. The goal was to take a casual garden party to the next level. The table was set with an elegant outdoor party in mind. Tying the paper pink and white napkins together with cutlery and finishing with a ribbon bow. Silver lined plates for that hint of elegance paired up with individual mason jar cheesecakes as party favors. The favourite part of their night, 6 or 8 rounds of sangrias down (whose counting anyways) was the balloon wall created by stringing balloons between two close trees. They had to much fun taking “photo book” selfies with that as their backdrop as the sun began to set.Bridal Shower PlatingBridal Shower Details Blushing PinkPink Party Balloons Kelowna Bridal Shower