Gastown Engagement – Vancouver Photographer

December 19, 2016

Scott and Lance drove from Seattle to meet me for their Gastown engagement session. It’s safe to say that the drive we all made to Vancouver was beyond worth it!
I actually met these two in Kelowna a few months before this session. The second I sat down with them to get to know their relationship, I felt how strong and special their love truly is. I was so excited the whole drive to Vancouver to experience more of it and get to capture it all through my eyes. We started the rainy day walking their two dogs backed by the city’s sky line. The whole drive up I’ve never seen it rain so hard for so long, yet the moment we started shooting, the rain let up! We adventured over puddles and down through the heart of Gastown. In and out of alley ways, along side the cobble stone street. These two share such an awesome connection that shines even on the gloomiest of days. Seeing them laugh and love so effortlessly was an absolute pleasure to capture. They grabbed a latte before we headed back out to explore every nook of the area. Ending it off in front of the flat iron backed by the street lamps and car lights.
It’d be an understatement to say that I’m SO excited to be capturing their special day in 2017. Until then, I’ll be dying over their engagement! See you guys soon!

Vancouver Skyline Engagement Photo gastown-engagement-vancouver-photographer_0002 gastown-engagement-vancouver-photographer_0003 gastown-engagement-vancouver-photographer_0004 gastown-engagement-vancouver-photographer_0005 gastown-engagement-vancouver-photographer_0006 gastown-engagement-vancouver-photographer_0007 gastown-engagement-vancouver-photographer_0008 gastown-engagement-vancouver-photographer_0009 Same Sex Gastown Engagement gastown-engagement-vancouver-photographer_0011 Same Sex Engagement session in Gastown gastown-engagement-vancouver-photographer_0013 gastown-engagement-vancouver-photographer_0014 Intimate Same Sex Vancouver Engagement Same Sex Engagement in Vancouver gastown-engagement-vancouver-photographer_0017 gastown-engagement-vancouver-photographer_0018 gastown-engagement-vancouver-photographer_0019 gastown-engagement-vancouver-photographer_0020 gastown-engagement-vancouver-photographer_0021 gastown-engagement-vancouver-photographer_0022 gastown-engagement-vancouver-photographer_0023Same Sex Vancouver engagement Same Sex Vancouver Engagement Intimate Same Sex Vancouver Engagement gastown-engagement-vancouver-photographer_0027 gastown-engagement-vancouver-photographer_0028 gastown-engagement-vancouver-photographer_0029 gastown-engagement-vancouver-photographer_0030 gastown-engagement-vancouver-photographer_0031 gastown-engagement-vancouver-photographer_0032 gastown-engagement-vancouver-photographer_0033 gastown-engagement-vancouver-photographer_0034 Engagement session in Gastown Vancouver gastown-engagement-vancouver-photographer_0036