Steve & Kendra | Kaloya Park Wedding

September 12, 2014

I’m absolutely blown away, weekend after weekend, at the unlimited amounts of love that I get to photograph at weddings, and trust me.. This one did not fall short at all. I mean, I shot the biggest heart that I’ve ever seen! It’s crazy how a photograph can tell such a huge story; just by looking at the heart, seeing their close friends and family surrounding Steve and Kendra while they share their genuine love and happiness during a kiss, gives you a feeling of just how awesome this whole wedding was. This beautiful day started with Kendra and Steve getting ready at the Sunscapes Resort; as the warm sunlight shone  through the window, Stacy from Cheek to Chic rocked out the makeup for the girls, while Steve shared gifts with his groomsmen and best woman. We made our way to the breathtaking ceremony held in Kaloya Park where yellows and greens filled this area beautifully and the willow trees swayed while the pure blue colour of the lake glimmered through the hanging branches. The first kiss after ‘I do’, along with a dip, was an amazing one! We then made our way around the park, first capturing the wedding rings with some lily pads and then having the handsome Lou come along to happily steal the spotlight. The reception was filled with unreal amounts of smiles, laughter and dancing; cake cutting was replaced with a pig roast and everybody grouped together to make a huge heart vision come to life. The day went so smoothly, and the dream maker Bethany from the Peace of Mind team is to thank! We couldn’t have had a better ending to the night than that of the gorgeous sunset colours painting the sky with the perfect background to capture their silhouettes. Thank you, thank you, and thank you! I am so thankful for all of the opportunities that I get to meet such stellar people and I cherish all the friendships that come out of it; I can say that we will be downtown Kelowna soon enough reminiscing your special day after listening to your band play!


Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures. I am so happy for you both!

These photos are fantastic. The photographer had such a creative eye.

Great pics

Joel, I had no doubt you were going to put your best foot forward, photographing this day. What I did not expect was the joyous moments to shine through on mine and everyone’s faces.

The colors captured in these photos make my heart sing and my face light up. Words cannot express my gratitude for your talents. I can now relive the elation this day and our love bring me, every day.

I’m so happy to have met you and look forward to our continued friendship.

Thank you, so much, once again. <3